Free Online Training: Tecplot 360 Basics

Getting Started with Tecplot 360 - IC Engine

盈彩彩票This Getting Started with Tecplot 360 training session will use a CONVERGE dataset to show you basic capabilities of visualizing your results with Tecplot 360.

  • Loading Cell-averaged Output Files
  • Parcels
  • Isosurfaces, Slices, Streamtraces
  • Data Extraction
  • Integration
  • Image and Video Export


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What’s New in Tecplot 360 2020 R1


盈彩彩票Learn what’s new in Tecplot 360 2020 Release 1 by watching this recorded webinar. We cover the new benefits in this release:

  • 4.6x Faster Batch Mode Image Export
  • Evenly Spaced Vectors
  • Streamtraces on no-slip surfaces
  • Extract Blanked Zones
  • Graphics Card Requirements
  • Platform Support Changes
  • Q&A


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